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10 March 2019


The everyday necessity nobody likes talking about, so I have made it easy: There are a number of ways I can accept payment including credit or debit cards, smartphone mobile to mobile payments, or PayPal.

Here is a summary of some options starting with the easiest:

1) (Recommended for PayPal users). Click on this link ~ Enter an amount and follow the instructions.

2) Using your smartphone: mobile to mobile. If you use a mobile banking app and you are familiar with the UK multi-bank Paym scheme (see the purple Paym icon) you can send money direct to my bank account by quoting my mobile number.

3) In person in a suitable location with Internet access I can also accept secure payments from ‘Chip and PIN’ debit or credit cards via the ‘PayPal HERE’ facility.

4) Pay on-line with a debit or credit card: Press the [Pay/Donate] button. In the Purpose box please enter your name. In the Donation amount box enter an amount (Ignore “Make this recurring”). SCROLL down the page to where you will find “Don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available)” and click on Continue. Enter the required information, review your entry and finalise the transaction.

I actually prefer these options rather than carrying cash around. It also gives you a safe and trusted third party option meaning each transaction is secure. Credit or debit card details will be requested by (and remain known ONLY to) PayPal or your participating bank (not myself).

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